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Drug and Alcohol Awareness...


Did you know?

·        Drug addicts commit other crimes such as burglaries, robberies and theft to get money to purchase more drugs?

·        Drug addicts often take so many drugs that they get sick, lose weight and even die?

·        Drug addicts and alcoholics often spend all of their money on drugs and alcohol and do not have enough left over for food, medicine or clothes?

·        The majority of drug addicts started out by trying illegal drugs “just one time”?

·        Accidents involving “driving under the influence” kill more people than any other common cause of death in our country?

If someone offers you drugs or alcohol what do you tell him or her?

1.      Say “NO!” It takes courage to do what’s right.

2.      Change the subject.

3.      Suggest other activities like sports or games.

4.      Walk away and report it to a trusted adult.

5.      Choose friends who avoid drugs and alcohol.

6.      Don’t go to parties where alcohol or other drugs are likely to be available.

7.      Get involved in drug-free activities along with your friends.

8.      Remember and remind your friends that the penalties for possession of illegal drugs can be severe, including loss of student loans in college.

9.      Also keep in mind that intravenous drug use poses a high risk of AIDS infection.

What do you do if you find drugs or needles?

1.      Never touch them!

2.      Leave the area!

3.      Tell a trusted friend.

4.      If an adult is not present, call 911 or dial “O” for the operator.

5.      Don’t hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

Take the drug-free pledge:

I pledge allegiance to myself
And who I want to be…

 Because I can make
My dreams come true
If I believe in me

 I pledge to stay in school and lean
The things I need to know

 To make the world a better place
For kids like me to grow

 I pledge to keep my dreams alive
And be all I can be

 I know I can, and that’s because
I pledge to stay
Drug Free!

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