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Hey kids, if you think you can play with guns and not hurt someone, STOP, and think again:

        Guns can be dangerous!

        Guns are not toys! Never play with guns!

        Never point a gun at anyone!

        TV violence is not real! In real life guns kill!

        Arguments and fights can be solved without guns or violence. Talk it over!

        Guns can kill!

If you find a gun:

1.      Don't touch it!

2.      Walk away!

3.      Tell a grown up about the gun.

4.      If someone picks on you or threatens you, tell your parent or a trusted adult. You don't have to deal with this by yourself.

5.      If you get into an argument, don't let it grow into a fight. Cool off and walk away if that would help.

6.      Don't carry a weapon. You could hurt or kill someone or yourself without meaning to. The weapon could also end up being used against you. Some kids say they carry a gun or knife for protection, but the truth is, if you carry a weapon you are more likely to get hurt.

7.      If you find a gun anywhere, DON'T TOUCH IT. The gun could be loaded and dangerous. It could also be a gun that the police are looking for because it was used in a crime. Tell your mom or dad or a trusted adult or call 911 to tell the police you found a gun.

8.      If someone shows you a gun, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Guns are not toys. They can kill someone or hurt a person very badly. Kids have killed kids with guns, even accidentally. Tell the person that you don't want to be around guns because someone could get hurt or killed. Get away from the gun and the person.

9.      Tell a trusted adult about the gun. It's okay to tell about guns. You could help stop the person with the gun from getting hurt.

If you hear gunfire, duck. Get down as low as you can and cover your head.

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