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KidSafe911 Child Abduction Protection Training Programs and Child Safety Products...  Protect children before the fact!

Kid Safe 911 believes that together with family members, we can instill knowledge and self-confidence in our children preparing them to be better able to recognize potentially dangerous situations and defend themselves from potential abductors.
At Kid Safe 911 our fully trained instructors teach children how to protect themselves against abduction and exploitation.  We also lecture at various organizations involving children’s activities providing them with the tools to teach children our safety program.  Our comprehensive curriculum teaches the skills needed to be assertive, aware and most importantly, safe as they proceed through life's most important years.   Your school, organization or company can become a certified training center or sponsor for this program in your community.

Education & Training Before the Fact!


To Protect
Each Child!


KidSafe911 Child Safety ID Kits Include:

  • Black and Yellow, Hi-Visibility Cinch-Sack.
  • Medical Release Form.
  • Clip-on Reflective Patch.
  • Finger Print Kit.
  • DNA Swab Kit.
  • Child Safety Tips.
  • Dental Record Kit.
  • Emergency Information Refrigerator Magnet.
  • Magnetic KidSafe911 Contact Card.
  • Combination Flashlight & Whistle.
  • Physical Description Kit.

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Our Children Are
More Important
Than Any Material

Mom and Dad!

It is very important to know your surroundings, you must check to see who lives in your area on a regular basis if you have any kids in your household. Please be completely aware and don't be fooled into thinking it won't happen to you and your family!

National Predator Database
Florida Predator Database

In Production Right Now...  Complete interactive CD sets covering many child safety topics.

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