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As mobile as the American public is, you may not always be right where your saved information is about your children.  You may be on a business trip, or you might be on vacation away from home.   With your permission, and your unique user name and password, law enforcement can now access your child's information from any online source.  The first 24 hours is critical in any unfortunate incident concerning your children, this saves much precious time from faxing, making phone calls or even sending the actual information overnight.  Each child registered will have a unique user name and password to save in your wallet or purse.

When you purchase your Child ID Kit for only $19.95, you automatically can register that child in the database for the first year.  Please use an e-mail address that is permanent because we contact you every 6 months to remind you to update pictures and any other information that has changed.  Each additional year will be billed to you at only $12.95 for database management and security upgrades as needed.

Special Note:   When performing any online transactions whether it concerns your children, your finances or any other personal business, please look for the "Gold Padlock" in the lower right hand corner of your browser to ensure 128 bit encrypted security.

This database is still under construction...  please e-mail the webmaster to be notified as soon as it is ready...  E-mail

Parents and guardians not purchasing the KidSafee911 Child ID kit will also be able to register their children for $12.95 annually.


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