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Finally!!  There is a child safety program that has thought of everything.  All the other programs I researched have very little information and definitely no national identification database.  That was a first.  KidSafe911 has thought of everything!!

~ Edward C. Castagna, Esq.

The KidSafe911 program has given me comfort in the knowledge that my two children are prepared and aware should a potentially dangerous situation present itself.  As a single parent, itís important for my family to feel safe and this program has allowed us to do just that.  I believe that we can never be too careful when it comes to the protection of our children.

~ Caryn Allen

KidSafe 911 is an excellent program that not only teaches the importance of being safe and ensuring that parents have information that will be necessary to assist in searching for a child, but it is a fun introduction to self defense and self awareness. Staying alert to your surroundings is a key factor.   KidSafe 911 teaches children to trust their instincts and react accordingly. Self defense courses will also teach them the skills and the confidence they need so that they can apply them to any situation they may encounter. I can honestly say that it has heightened my son's instincts and overall awareness.

~ Monica Pearson

My son is 29 now!  Where was this program when he was growing up!  I can't believe how thorough it really is, including the online national registry system.   Thumbs up!  This will make a difference in the lives of many children and give piece of mind to their parents.  I will be letting people know about this great program to help combat this serious issue.

~ Craig M. Guinn

"ABSOLUTELY a wonderful program, Kid Safe provides me with valuable information and tips for both myself and my children to follow. It provides me with a piece of mind that my children's information is there and available if needed. With the number of missing children today, people need to realize the importance of a program like this." 

~ Madeline Fugate


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